What is the average age that a baby starts walking?

Answer The average age would be somewhere around 12 months. But average for babies across the world has nothing to do with it. What matters is what is average for your baby. You have babies that are pull... Read More »

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Average age a twin baby starts walking?

average age a baby can start walking is 1

What is the average age for a baby to start walking?

When will your baby start walking?

whenever she or he feels like walking you cant rush them into doing things they dont feel like doing right now and probably your baby is stupid like your retarded self instead of reading this you s... Read More »

How old was your baby when they started walking?

Noooo, but you knew that already. My 18 mo. old nephew didn't start walking until after 14 months.Aaron just turned 9 months old on Sunday and is just about walking. He has taken maybe 10-15 step... Read More »