What is the average height of a Navajo person?

Answer The average height of an adult Navajo male is 5 feet, 7 inches, and that of an adult female is 5-2. However, average height decreases with age, especially among women. Among Navajo children, 88 per... Read More »

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What does the average person pay for Directv?

It depends what package you're planning to get. An basic cable package for direct t.v will cost you around $70.00 that including hi-definition since direct t.v have free hi-definition.

What can the average person do to stop gambling?

After months or years of compulsive gambling, you have finally realized that you have a problem. But you are not a superstar with thousands of dollars to blow on a fancy treatment program in the Ho... Read More »

What is the average credit card debt per person?

According to Financial Web, the average U.S. credit card debt per person for 2009 was about $4,100, with the total increasing over the course of the decade. Credit lists the average credi... Read More »

What is the average hourly salary of a person in China?

According to China's 2009 Statistical Yearbook, the average annual salary is $29,229. The field of work and location make a big difference. Beijing residents make about $56,328 a year. With a work ... Read More »