What is the automobile transaxle?

Answer All front-wheel-drive and most all-wheel-drive cars have transaxles. These components take the place of what would be a transmission in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.DefinitionThe word "transaxle" is ... Read More »

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What Is Transaxle Oil?

The transaxle is an automobile component that makes up the transmission and the differential gear. It is found in most front-wheel-drive cars and trucks. The components require lubrication in order... Read More »

What Is an Automatic Transaxle?

Automatic transaxles integrate an automobile's transmission into its final drive components (axle assembly and differential gear) in the same housing. Although a transaxle has several components, t... Read More »

What Is Transaxle Fluid?

Transaxle fluid, also called transmission fluid, provides hydraulic pressure and lubrication to a car's automatic transmission. Car owners should replace this fluid when it becomes old or dirty.

What is a continuously variable transaxle?

A continuously variable transaxle, or transmission (CVT), offers an unlimited number of gear ratios as it shifts from low to high, resulting in a slight increase in fuel economy compared to standar... Read More »