What is the atria of the lateral ventricle?

Answer The lateral ventricles are made up of multiple non-discrete sections, including anterior, posterior and temporal horns. The atria are an area in the posterior horn.

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How many atria do fish have?

Fish have a two-chambered heart comprising one atrium and one ventricle. Blood is pumped through the atrium to the ventricles and then out to the gills where oxygen is picked up and carbon dioxide ... Read More »

Where are the atria located in the heart?

There are two atria in the human heart, one on the left side of the organ and one on the right. The atria are the upper chambers of the heart and are located above the ventricles.Source:National Li... Read More »

How do the walls of the atria&ventricles differ?

The heart's different chambers use different kinds of muscle. The ventricles contain a thick layer of cardiac muscle, while the atria contain a layer of muscle called pectinate muscle.The HeartThe ... Read More »

Cerebral Ventricle Functions?

The human brain features four ventricular chambers. The C-shaped lateral ventricles reside deep within each cerebral hemisphere, one on the right side and one on the left. A slender, transparent me... Read More »