What is the aspect ratio of the Acer X193W monitor?

Answer HiThe Aspect ratio of the Acer X193W LCD monitor is :16:9You can check the following link for more information.…

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How to Change the Aspect Ratio on a Hannspree Monitor?

A Hannspree-brand monitor can be used to view different kinds of recorded content when connected to a video source device, such as a DVD player. To change the aspect ratio on the monitor to display... Read More »

Difference between aspect ratio to dynamic contrast ratio?

Aspect ratio is the height and width of the picture or screen. Sometimes this is called FORMAT. Contrast is how much difference there is between the whitest and blackest part of the picture.

What is the difference between taper ratio and aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is the dimension of the height to the width. I don't think TV screens have a TAPER ratio.

What does aspect ratio mean?

Aspect ratio describes the relationship between the width and height of an object, such as a computer monitor or television screen, according to Standard screens have an aspect ratio of ... Read More »