What is the art of trimming trees called?

Answer Trimming trees comes under the heading of arboriculture. It is practiced by a tree surgeon or arborist.

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Are crepe myrtle trees ever called weeping trees?

There are a number of different types of crepe myrtle trees, include miniature weeping crepe myrtles. The miniature weeping versions of the tree can yield red, watermelon, light pink and purple flo... Read More »

Anyone know what these trees are called (pics)?

They are artificial Kentia palms. Here is a link to see and purchase them.…

What are baby pine trees called?

Pine trees can be grown from the female, woody cones that are produced by a fertile tree. Each cone contains many seeds which, under the right conditions, will produce baby pines. The name given th... Read More »

What are places that grow trees to cut them down and sell them called?