What is the art of paper folding in Japan known as?

Answer The art of paper folding, called origami, was well established in Japan by the 1600s, according to Smithsonian magazine. Origami artists fold square pieces of paper into natural objects such as bir... Read More »

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How to Make a Paper Cup by Folding?

A paper cup is a simple piece of origami. It has few folds but looks great in the end. You can make many other pieces from the cup.

Folding Paper Games for Teens?

There are many games and activities involving paper folding. Most of these games are useful in school or home environments because of their therapeutic value. Often, teenagers need relaxation techn... Read More »

Accordion Paper Folding Projects?

The accordion fold is one of the most basic folds to master for those seeking to learn paper-folding arts and crafts, such as origami. Even children can learn it, though it takes practice even for ... Read More »

Paper Boat Folding Instructions?

What if I told you that I could teach you how to construct a boat out of one single sheet of paper? Impressive, I know, but there's more. What if I told you, that you could then wear that boat on y... Read More »