What is the art of map making called?

Answer Cartography is the art, science, or technique of map making, including aspects such as projecting, designing, drafting, and reproducing. A person who draws or creates maps is called a cartographer.... Read More »

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What is the profession of hat making called?

The ancient profession of hat design and manufacture is properly referred to by the term millinery. Its practitioners are known as milliners. The words are thought to have originated from the name ... Read More »

What is the science of map making called?

The study of maps is called cartography. Cartography is an area of specialization in the larger science of geography. A person that makes the maps is called a cartographer. A cartographer must be a... Read More »

What Is the Art of Making Things of Paper Called?

"Origami" refers to the Japanese art of folding paper into intricate shapes. The practice dates to the sixth century A.D., when Buddhist monks introduced paper into Japan. The designs were predomin... Read More »

Was there a 70's television show called Making It?

There was, except the title was actually Makin' It (without that pesky G). It was a short-lived sitcom starring David Naughton intended to capitalize on the disco craze. The show was a failure, but... Read More »