What is the area ratio of a well-type manometer?

Answer A well type manometer balances pressure between a liquid with a known density and that of one that is unknown. It has two legs, each filled with a different liquid. The legs do not necessarily have... Read More »

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How to Calculate Floor Area Ratio?

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is a measure of the total area a building occupies. Depending on the city and the location of the building in the city, different places have different laws regarding the max... Read More »

How to Calculate Perimeter and Area Ratio?

The perimeter of a shape is the measure of the length of a shape around its outermost extremities. The area of a shape is the amount of two-dimensional space that it covers. The ratio of the perime... Read More »

How to Use a Digital Manometer?

Digital manometers are capable of measuring accurate positive, negative and differential pressures. The devices come in various sizes and can withstand water pressure up to around 150 PSI (pound fo... Read More »

What does a manometer measure?

A manometer measures fluid pressure. Traditional laboratory manometers are usually filled with a liquid, such as water or mercury. Digital manometers are also available, and are more suitable for f... Read More »