What is the apr on mortgage rates?

Answer In finance and lending, the term APR stands for annual percentage rate. This figure represents the sum of the periodic interest rates on your mortgage or other credit accounts.FunctionThe APR is di... Read More »

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Why Are Auto Rates Different Than Mortgage Rates?

Automobiles and real estate are two of the biggest purchases individuals can make. Some people assume they should have similar loan rates and conditions. However, rates differ not only between lend... Read More »

What are fixed mortgage rates?

A fixed-rate mortgage provides the same interest rate throughout the life of the loan. The rate does not fluctuate based on market conditions and will remain the same until the loan is paid off or ... Read More »

What sets mortgage rates?

Mortgage rates depend on the money supply, or "liquidity" of our economic system and rules set by organizations that guarantee mortgages. Each federally guaranteed lender offers different rates to ... Read More »

What determines mortgage rates?

Lenders issue mortgages to people buying or constructing their home. The interest rate depends on the market conditions and the riskiness of the loan.CreditworthinessThe lender will look at your cr... Read More »