What is the antonym of"lenient"?

Answer According to, the word lenient means "agreeably tolerant; permissive; indulgent." Similar words include amiable, easygoing, forgiving, good-natured and merciful. Antonyms, or opposit... Read More »

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What is the antonym of dia?

The opposite of día, which is the Spanish word for "day," is noche, which is the Spanish word for "night." Día is also a masculine noun, while noche is feminine.Source:French Spanish Online: DayF... Read More »

What is the antonym of eloquent?

The opposite, or antonym, of eloquent is inarticulate. To describe a person as eloquent is to say that he uses words appropriately and speaks with confidence and fluidity. To be inarticulate means ... Read More »

What is an antonym for delinquent?

A delinquent is used to describe a person who is neglectful, offending, lax, overdue, blameworthy, remiss, and/or a procrastinator. Antonyms for delinquent are responsible, careful, good, honest, j... Read More »

What is the antonym of"implore"?

"Implore" means to call upon in supplication, according to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Hence, a possible antonym would be "demand." Whereas to implore implies a feeling that you may no... Read More »