What is the antonym of unusual?

Answer The word unusual is the opposite of the word usual, with the prefix "un." Other antonyms of the word unusual are common, customary, typical, normal, regular, habitual, accustomed and ordinary.Sourc... Read More »

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What is the antonym of dia?

The opposite of día, which is the Spanish word for "day," is noche, which is the Spanish word for "night." Día is also a masculine noun, while noche is feminine.Source:French Spanish Online: DayF... Read More »

What is the antonym of necromancer?

According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, necromancer--someone who tells the future by contacting dead spirits--has no true opposite. Only words that are on a scale (such as light and dark), have ... Read More »

What is an antonym for'she'?

The pronoun or noun "she" refers to a female person or animal. It is used to refer to someone who is a girl or woman. An antonym of "she" is "he," which is used to refer to a male.Source:Merriam-We... Read More »

What is the antonym of linger?

Linger means to stay in a place longer than expected. Linger has its word origin in the Old English word lengan which means to prolong. The antonym for linger is to hurry or to rush.Source:Merriam-... Read More »