What is the antonym for scattered?

Answer Scattered means to disperse or distribute in a disorderly manner. Scattered has its word origin in the Middle English word "schateren." The antonyms or the opposites of scattered are gathered or co... Read More »

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What does"scattered thunderstorms"mean?

When 30 percent to 50 percent of a forecasted area contains precipitation, and cumulonimbus clouds tower within the atmosphere, scattered thunderstorms form. The lightning levels would strike eithe... Read More »

The term used to refer to a disk with scattered data is ?

Is it Fragmented? So you have to defragment it?

What is a tropical grassland with scattered trees or shrubs?

A tropical grassland containing scattered trees and shrubbery is a tropical savanna. The grass in a savanna can reach six feet tall, and the trees are often resistant to drought or browsing from an... Read More »

What is an antonym for'she'?

The pronoun or noun "she" refers to a female person or animal. It is used to refer to someone who is a girl or woman. An antonym of "she" is "he," which is used to refer to a male.Source:Merriam-We... Read More »