What is the antonym for scattered?

Answer Scattered means to disperse or distribute in a disorderly manner. Scattered has its word origin in the Middle English word "schateren." The antonyms or the opposites of scattered are gathered or co... Read More »

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What does"scattered thunderstorms"mean?

When 30 percent to 50 percent of a forecasted area contains precipitation, and cumulonimbus clouds tower within the atmosphere, scattered thunderstorms form. The lightning levels would strike eithe... Read More »

What is a tropical grassland with scattered trees or shrubs?

A tropical grassland containing scattered trees and shrubbery is a tropical savanna. The grass in a savanna can reach six feet tall, and the trees are often resistant to drought or browsing from an... Read More »

The term used to refer to a disk with scattered data is ?

Is it Fragmented? So you have to defragment it?

What is the antonym of dia?

The opposite of día, which is the Spanish word for "day," is noche, which is the Spanish word for "night." Día is also a masculine noun, while noche is feminine.Source:French Spanish Online: DayF... Read More »