What is the antonym for contradict?

Answer The word "contradict" means to argue the opposite of something, for example, a statement that someone has said. Contradict has many antonyms. A few of these include "support", "confirm" and "verify... Read More »

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Does the Law of Attraction contradict the Bible?

On One Hand: Faith and Belief Are Biblical PrinciplesThe Law of Attraction emphasizes the power of faith and belief. God wants those who have belief to have abundance and prosperity, both in materi... Read More »

Can an Economic Decision Contradict a Code of Ethics?

A code of ethics is a standard set of principles a company expects its employees to follow while they complete tasks and activities, handle customer complaints or improve business relationships in ... Read More »

What is the antonym of dia?

The opposite of día, which is the Spanish word for "day," is noche, which is the Spanish word for "night." Día is also a masculine noun, while noche is feminine.Source:French Spanish Online: DayF... Read More »

What is the antonym of paradox?

The word paradox is a noun. It is a statement or an action that seems to contradict itself, but may have an element of truth. Antonyms for the word paradox include ease, tranquility and peace.Sourc... Read More »