How do you test if an answer written in an input box is right, without sending the information to a server?

Answer Surprisingly, it's not as simple as it seems, but I just knocked this together:…You could do something like that?My method is quite robust, actually. The ... Read More »

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Do dirty blondes have even more fun than regular blondes?

Dirty blondes are more dirty than regular blondes. I'm more proof of that! I'm one of the biggest pervs you'll meet.

Applebees or TGIF Fridays resurant?

I love TGI Fridays better. They have more selections on thier menu and the food is better. Jack daniels menu items are awesome, burgers and Fajitas are great. They also have a good kids menu.

CHillis, TGIF, Red Lobster, Olive Graden ?

TGIF coolest hang out great way to meet people at the bar (nothing serious just chatting with cool folks)

How to Convert Written English to Written French?

Whether you want to send a note to French contact in his native language or are organizing a trip to a remote French village, you need to know how to translate English to French. Fortunately, the I... Read More »