Do dirty blondes have even more fun than regular blondes?

Answer Dirty blondes are more dirty than regular blondes. I'm more proof of that! I'm one of the biggest pervs you'll meet.

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Is it fair that folk can have have loads of debt written off while others struggle to pay their way?

i've never been a big fan of the 'sooner than later' attitude of some people. i think to be fair that most of the extreme debt occurs with job losses, and people trying to survive til they find an... Read More »

Do the people with a million "yahoo answer" points have a job or do they just sit at their computers all day?

I don't think they can have much of a life, unless they do it at work, and then they don't have much of a job.

Why have many companies implemented a time-wasting speech when they answer their phones?

Thank you for using Yahoo! answers, where Yahoo community members can come to assist each other with questions, and provide their expertise in answering other community members questions. My name i... Read More »

Do blondes have blonde pubic hair and redheads have red?

it really dependsI'm a strawberry blondand I have blond leg hair and very light arm pit hairbut I have red pubic hair....weird I knowbut I've only noticed the hair on the head getting grey