What is the CIA annual budget?

Answer $44 billion

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What is the annual budget of NASA?

17. 3 billion dollars More information That number will change every year. Check Related Links.

What is the annual US military training budget?

About 100,000. At any given time, Their are about 100,000 marines stationed at Camp Pendleton including marines who spend one month there for training during boot camp.

What was the annual budget of nasa in 2008?

Approximately $17.3 billion. See link for further information

What percent of the US's annual budget is military spending?

Depends on if you are in CONUS or OCONUS...CONUS...Dial 809-463-3376 you will receive a second dial tone. Then dial your full 1-800 number.OCONUS....Dial 94-800.... rest of the number. Note: this w... Read More »