What is the androids password called?

Answer with a USB wire you plonka

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To open Macro document asks me a password though not protected with password by me. what is that password?

Either someone has password protected that file or whole drive like a flash or jump drive ...if that file is not password protected by you the you must open that file on the computer that made it... Read More »

What will androids be like?

Decide if you want the block to be permanent or if you want the ability to have your number show to some people all the time. There are codes that you can enter that will make your number not visib... Read More »

Where were androids created?

Originally? In science fiction novels. And if you think I'm kidding, I'll refer to Arthur C. Clarke who in one of his sci-fi books, referred to what we now call, `satellites`. Well, it spawned some... Read More »

What is better iPhone 4 or Androids?

I am a phone salesperson, so I've dealt with a lot of phones. The iPhone is cool and all, but they have limited memory and apps. Android phones have a larger useable part of the screen, more free a... Read More »