What is the ancestry of the name Volak?

Answer The surname Volak is Eastern European in origin. According to a Public Profiler database, the name occurs most often in Hungary and Germany, and the name has Polish and Germanic roots.References:Pu... Read More »

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In ancestry what does git mean?

If you are studying your ancestry, or lineage, you may come across the initials GIT. This is the Genealogical Institute of Texas. It was founded in Dallas in 1993, but later changed its name to the... Read More »

What does irish ancestry mean?

A person with Irish ancestry is descended from one or more Irish citizens. This may mean a parent, grandparent, great grandparent or further back. People with relatives from Northern Ireland may be... Read More »

What is the ancestry of most Chileans?

Most Chileans have mestizo and European ancestry. Mestizo Chileans are a mixed race of European and Indian ancestry, resulting from intermarriage between the two cultures. Two-thirds of Chileans ar... Read More »

What is the ancestry of the name Zboray?

The ancestry of the surname Zboray can be traced back to Hungary. Zboray noblemen immigrated to the United States and Canada in the early 1900s. The surname Zboray still is in use.References:JStor:... Read More »