What is the anatomy of dog ears?

Answer Dog ears come in many shapes and sizes, but they all contain three basic anatomical parts that allow dogs to hear sound and maintain balance equilibrium. A dog can hear sounds that occur farther aw... Read More »

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In Grey's Anatomy What Grey's anatomy star had a role on sesame street as private you?

Top of my ears and behind the ears get hot, sting and itch - why -see more info below?

I have the itchiness and sometimes the soreness. My condition is Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. You need to ask your doctor.

I stretched my ears 2 days ago to a 2g but one of my ears still hurts?

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What does ITB mean in anatomy?

In anatomy, ITB stands for iliotibial band. This is a group of muscle fibers located along the side of the thigh muscle. The main function of the ITB is to hold the leg straight while we stand and ... Read More »