What is the amp-hour rating of a car battery?

Answer Amp-hour ratings vary among car batteries. A typical rating is about 45 amp-hours. Some deep cycle batteries are rated at 225 amp-hours. Using an item that draws 100 watts will work from a typical ... Read More »

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What kind of battery would i need to power a TV for one hour?

Get yourself a "rechargeable power center." The one I picked up contains two outlets for household appliances. I use it as a back-up power supple for my sump pump, but it will power any appliance... Read More »

Why does my laptop battery only last for one hour but take several hours to recharge?

battery is losing charge and needs to be replaced, mine hasn't gotten so bad that its not able to boot without being plugged into wall.

How do I Measure Lead-Acid Battery Amp-Hour and Voltage Drop-Off?

You'll find lead-acid batteries used in vehicles, boats, light aircraft, golf carts and wheelchairs. The batteries are a successful method of producing electricity for considerable time between cha... Read More »

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