What is the amount of sperm you have to have to make a baby?

Answer AnswerYou only need one to make one baby. To be considered 'fertile' (i.e. having a decent chance of actually doing it) you need around 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen, however you could s... Read More »

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Can sperm enter an egg and not make a baby?

Yes, if the egg does not implant in the uterine lining.

How do you know if a mans sperm is good enough to make a baby?

It should always be considered viable. Even those with very low sperm count can have a number of viable sperm in their ejaculate. A fertility clinic or urologist can always run an analysis.

Would it be possible to be pregnant even in a small amount of sperm?

yes you can Sorry to say this but yes it only take a little bit, there are alot of tho little fellow in that one little bit of sperm racing to your egg or eggs (eggs which i mean maybe twin) Answer... Read More »

How do I change color, taste, and amount of my sperm count?

I feed sweet cherries to my hubby and also the blueberries since they are good for the antioxidant effect. It will make your **** taste a little more palatable.Pineapple or fruit cocktail will work... Read More »