What is the amount of sales tax in new york city?

Answer New York City charges a sales tax of 8.875 percent on purchases of goods and services such as cars, electronics, furniture and telephone use. The tax is made up of three parts: a 4 percent state ta... Read More »

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Is there sales tax in new york city on clothes?

Effective August 1, 2009, purchases of clothing or shoes in New York City less than $110 per item or pair are exempt from local and state sales taxes. Purchases of $110 or more per item or pair are... Read More »

Hotels Near Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York?

Madison Square Garden is located in the heart of Manhattan and features a wide array of events, including comedy shows, concerts and sports competitions. Visitors to the area are within walking dis... Read More »

Should a tip include sales tax amount?

On One Hand: Not TraditionallyAs far as American tipping etiquette goes, you should not include the sales tax when calculating your tip, according to CNN. Bars and restaurants that calculate the ti... Read More »

What is the texas sales tax amount?

The state of Texas imposes a sales and use tax of 6.25 percent. However, cities and counties add an additional 2 percent to raise money for local purposes. As a result, the actual effective sales t... Read More »