What is the measurement of air pressure at sea level called?

Answer The measurement of air pressure at sea level is called atmospheric pressure. The unit of measurement is either in inches of mercury or millibars, better known as hectopascals (hPa). As it is mostly... Read More »

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In order to develope an understanding of the American criminal justic system one must recognize and evaluate the American criminal justice system. Is it to protect or punish?

no youcan not becase the cia works outside the us and the fbi always is in the us

The Advantages of the English System of Measurement?

The English system of measurement is called the metric system. The metric system was created by French scientists at the request of the National Assembly of France in 1799. The scientists were work... Read More »

Who created the metric system of measurement?

The French Academy of Sciences, commission of scientists and mathematicians, created the metric system in the late 18th century. They based this system upon the basic proposal of a decimal system o... Read More »

What was American Idol called before it came to the US?