What is the name of the currency in Canada that is equivalent to the American dollar?

Answer Canada uses the Canadian dollar (CAD), according to MSN Money Central. The CAD began its upward climb against the U.S. Dollar in January 2009 when it hit $0.80 to the dollar, and came very close to... Read More »

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In what city was the 1996 American Eagle silver dollar made?

The 1996 edition of the American Eagle silver dollar was produced at the Philadelphia mint. The coins were first produced in 1986 and were minted in San Francisco until 1992. From 1993 to 2000 (exc... Read More »

What kind of money does Venezuela have and how much is it worth to the American dollar?

According to The Money Converter, since January 1, 2008, the "bolivar fuerte" (VEF), which means "strong bolivar," is the official currency of Venezuela and replaces the bolivar (VEB). As of June ... Read More »

What year did West Point Mint start printing the American Eagle silver dollar?

West Point Mint took over production of the American Eagle Silver Dollar proof sets in 2001. They are produced exclusively at the mint, and therefore have no mint mark. In 1995, the mint offered ... Read More »

How much is an American dollar in Italy?