What is the altitude of a plane in flight?

Answer According to NASA, planes typically fly at a height of 30,000 feet, or about 10 kilometers, because air at higher altitudes is less dense which allows planes to travel faster and save fuel.Source:NASA

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What is flight altitude?

Flight altitude is the height that an airplane, helicopter or other aircraft rises to when flying. Flight altitude is measured in comparison to sea level. Among the factors that affect the altitude... Read More »

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What is a plane that can start with a vertical lift-off and then switch to a level flight?

Since the 1940s, there have been four different planes produced to lift off vertically. The most common is the British Harrier "jump jet." Other planes in production include the Bell/Boeing V-22 Os... Read More »

How to Get Ready for a Plane Flight?

All plane flights are boring and stressing, some of them are lots of hours and some are only 2 or 3. But no matter how long you will need to make a routine for the flight basically what are you gon... Read More »