What is an alternate name for a closet?

Answer armoire, wardrobe

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What are the alternate endings to Lost season 4?

What are alternate choices to junk food?

I am glad you want to know. there are lots of healthier alternatives to junk food. Here are just a few: - If you like potato chips, you can eat apple chips instead . They are dehydrated apples, an... Read More »

What does the word alternate mean?

The word alternate has several different connotations. It can mean something occurs in an order or successive manner. It can also mean something acts in turn or reverses the order of an action. Las... Read More »

What is an alternate text for Canon digital cameras?

Any remote flash can be triggered with a long cord in the camera body sync socket or hot shoe mounted sync cord (which satisfies the criteria in your question). To be truly wireless, I can think of... Read More »