What is the alcohol in strawberries that tastes like strong Acetone?

Answer I have never heard of this but you should return the strawberries and taste them with both the store and produce mangers. Small amounts of acetone are produced in the body by the decarboxylation of... Read More »

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Is acetone a denatured alcohol?

Alcohol is basically ethanol, which is also known as ethyl alcohol. Alcohol comes in different levels of purity. The two major differences in the wide range of purities is whether or not the alco... Read More »

Is it better to use acetone or alcohol on telescope mirrors?

Telescope mirrors rarely need to be cleaned. When cleaning a mirror is necessary only water and dish soap should be used. Other chemicals such as alcohol and acetone will damage the surface. Avoid ... Read More »

Strong alcohol How long does it take to pass out being drunk?

Please read the attached article.It explains in detail how alcohol affects the human body and you should be able to use this as a guideline to describe your book characters ordeal with alcohol.http... Read More »

*Not a heavy drinker* Which alcohol can I consume without giving off a strong odor of drinking all day?

Sorry to inform you, but you ARE a heavy drinker; hairsplitting aside.But hey, if you still have a job, you must be doing something right.I would consider either vodka soaked gummi bears or buttchu... Read More »