How many beers does a budweiser lim a rita equal?

Answer It equals 1.6 budweisers, and 1.3333 platinums.Instead of being rude about the math, I'll explain how I did it. All of them (I believe), are 12 ounces. Therefore it all comes down to the alcohol by... Read More »

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How much alcohol is in Budweiser?

According to Montclair State University, a Budweiser has 4.82 percent alcohol content. The alcohol content of a Budweiser is lower than some other popular brands, such as Coors, Heineken Dark, Mich... Read More »

How bad it is to mix alcohol (2 beers) with 1 Vicodin pill 500mg?

Please don't drink with Vicodin, it intensifies the effect but it's very poisonous and you never klnow how much is too much. Can be deadly

What Is the Content of Alcohol in Mouthwash?

Many leading brands of mouthwash contain alcohol, and finding out the exact content of alcohol in your mouthwash can help you understand the risks if you drink it. Finding out the exact alcohol con... Read More »

How to test fuels for alcohol content?

Alcohol doesn't have as many BTU's as gasoline, and it doesn't perform the same. I will show you how to test your fuel for alcohol content.