The Difference Between Velocity & Instantaneous Velocity?

Answer Velocity and instantaneous velocity are terms that are most often used in the physics classroom. Because these two terms don't have the same definition, students who don't know the difference in t... Read More »

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What is the velocity of air in still air?

Speed of sound in still air is c ≈ 331 + 0.6 × T. T = Temperature. Speed of sound in air at 20°C is c ≈ 331 + 0.6 × 20 = 343 m/s.

What lugs do Velocity VW 117 wheels have?

Velocity VW 117 wheels have five lugs. However, if you have a four lug axle and still want to buy a five lug rim, you have to purchase a five lug conversion kit to change your axles to a five lug s... Read More »

What is a high velocity water spray nozzle?

High velocity water nozzles are directional nozzles with individual spray inlets. These nozzles have such fire protection applications as putting out flammable liquids or oil fires. The surface coo... Read More »

What is the exit velocity from earth's atmosphere?

Exit velocity is properly called escape velocity. The escape velocity from earth is about 25,000 miles per hour, or 7 miles per second. In metric measurements, this is 40,000 kilometers per hour, o... Read More »