What is the age you can leave your child home alone in Louisiana?

Answer In Louisiana, the age where you can legally leave your child home alone is 12 years old.

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What is the legal age to leave a child at home alone in the state of Louisiana?

Answer Louisiana as almost every other US state, does not have a specific age law for such circumstances. At one time there was a LA code referring to the age of 9-years being the middle ground.The... Read More »

Can a 17 year old adopted child leave home in Louisiana?

Ask your parents. If that is not possible, or if you don't believe them, contact your local Department of Children and Families, or the equivalent in your location, for guidance.

How old can a child be to stay home alone in Louisiana?

Sec. 545.412. CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY SEAT SYSTEMS; OFFENSE. (a) A person commits an offense if the person operates a passenger vehicle, transports a child who is younger than five years of age and ... Read More »

What age can a child be left home overnight in Louisiana?

its best wait until the child is Over 12 years old, so that he or she is mature enough to know what is right and wrong.