How can a child be adopted in Maryland without parental consent?

Answer You'll have to be 18.

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Who can give police consent to search a house in Maryland?

Consent to search a home can be given by anyone who appears to live at the residence (someone who has authority over the residence). The Fourth Amendment dictates that all states must adhere to sea... Read More »

What is the distance from Annapolis Maryland to Stevensville Maryland?

About 15 miles, but there's a toll bridge between them which can have long tailbacks.

Why can women have an abortion without the father's consent BUT consent is needed for adoption?

I'm no lawyer but I would guess that until the baby is born the mothers rights are the most important in law, so she gets to decide what procedures she wants to go through. Once the baby is born t... Read More »

Can a mother give consent for her child to have a sex change without the father's consent?