What is the age of consent for child custody in Kansas?

Answer If this relates to custody, age 18. see links

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Can custody be signed over to the maternal grandmother through the courts by a mother who has sole legal and physical custody of a minor child without the father's consent?

Answer If you have sole custody of your child then the court system saw fit to leave the father out of the custody decision. Therefore, you have every legal right to see a lawyer, go through the c... Read More »

What is the Age of consent for child custody in Colorado?

How to Obtain Child Custody in Kansas?

Kansas families should learn about their parental rights under state law. In Kansas, the courts hear child custody issues during a divorce or parentage case, or as part of a protective order. In a ... Read More »

Can a mother with custody of a child leave the country without the father's consent?

Generally, no. Not unless he has no visitation rights, his parental rights have been terminated or never established. The parent trying to travel without the proper consent forms or proof of sole p... Read More »