Is it possible to go straight into army ranger school and become a 75th ranger after ROTC?

Answer No. Lieutenants cannot go straight into a ranger battalion after ranger school. They have to serve with a regular line unit before they can apply to become a ranger platoon leader.

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Can you become an army ranger without serving in the army?

You can go through Ranger School and be in a different branch - even some foreign military forces send personnel to the US Army Ranger School. But you can't be in a Ranger battalion without being i... Read More »

What does it take to become an Army Ranger?

According to the Military website, becoming a U.S. Army Ranger takes stamina, intelligence and mental toughness. The training to become an Army Ranger has three phases, Fort Benning phase, mountain... Read More »

Can a marine become a army ranger?

Certainly. You get out of the Marines at your normal separation date, then reenlist into the Army for the 75th Ranger Regiment. As far as walking into your Marine Corps first sergeant's office and ... Read More »

How to Train to Become a U.S. Army Ranger?

The United States Army Rangers: The most expertly trained light infantry in the world. These few suggestions can make your goal suddenly seem reachable.