What is the age limit for pet insurance?

Answer Sometimes, it's because you are more hungry than bright when you ogle at newbies entering the hood... of course the more you eat the more worse it gets.

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If your vehicle get stolen and the auto insurance pays the blue book value would the gap insurance cover the rest of the payment on your car loan and what is the limit?

Answer When a car is under lien and stolen/wrecked, the first payee is ALWAYS the lienholder. You will receive nothing, and the lienholder gets reimbursed for the value of the car. Any outstandin... Read More »

What is the National Flood Insurance Program deductible limit?

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) low- to moderate-risk residential policies include a $1,000 deductible that's applied to building and contents separately. For high-risk residential properti... Read More »

What is Commercial combined single-limit liability insurance coverage?

You're probably talking about Auto Insurance - and Liability can be written one of two ways:1. With a separate limit for Bodily Injury per person and per accident, and a separate limit for Property... Read More »

What is the time limit if any for reporting vehicle damage from an accident to the insurance agency?

Answer I don't believe that there is a specified time limit in most cases, however the longer you wait the more problems you are likely to encounter. One problem might be the existence of addition... Read More »