What is the age limit for nightclubs in California?

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What is the limit on small claims in California?

California's jurisdictional dollar limits for individuals is $7,500. You can only file two claims a year requesting more than $2,500. Corporations, businesses, and government agencies can only sue ... Read More »

What Is the Financial Responsibility Limit in California?

The state of California has an obligatory financial responsibility law that requires every driver and/or owner of a vehicle to prove their ability to pay for damages at the time they are involved i... Read More »

California Law for Speeding 10 MPH Over the Speed Limit?

If you're speeding 10 miles per hour over the limit in California, you're violating Vehicle Code Section 22349, the maximum speed limit law. You may receive an infraction traffic ticket, and you'll... Read More »

California Laws on More Than 20 MPH Over the Speed Limit?

To make up for budgetary shortfalls, California is increasing enforcement and penalties of driving infractions. A red-light ticket which once cost a driver $371 can cost $470 at time of publication... Read More »