What is the age limit for marriage with parental consent in NM?

Answer You both should be over 21 years of age to get married.I also suggest that you both should have jobs as well.

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If you are 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 21 in what states can you get a marriage license without parental consent?

Answer one of the states where you can do that is Georgia. Answer Georgia is the only state that i know of because i live there.

What is parental consent?

it is your parents giving you permition to do something ~Statik Fury

Can you still become adopted without parental consent?

That makes things much more difficult. All adoptions, whether through an agency or done privately, must be approved by a court. The adoptive parents must petition for approval from the court as wel... Read More »

Do you need parental consent to join the army at 16?

In the Canadian Forces, yes. In the US Army, you need parental consent to join at 17, but you can't join at 16.