What is the age for a child to walk alone without adult?

Answer There isn't an age limit but most parents won't let there children walk alone until there about 11. But it is really there parents choice

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What is the latest time a child 13 yrd old can be left home alone without adult supervision?

well if he s young then Lego and stuffed animals, but if he is like 13+ vedio games but don't put a tv or computer in their room or they will play non stop but if you do password

Should your child walk dog at night alone?

Can the mother of a child give another adult custody of the child without having to go through court procedures?

Answer No. Any baby born to a married mother is assumed by law to be the child of the husband. Which means the husband's rights in the child have to be legally given up as well as the mother's righ... Read More »

At what age can a child in Virginia babysit a younger sibling without adult supervision?