What is the age a child must attend school until in New Mexico?

Answer A child of 5-years-old should not be having sex of any type at all. They are not physically or emotionally old enough. It is damaging for them mentally and physically. It is not lawful to have sex... Read More »

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Is it more advisable for a child with Down syndrome to attend a mainstream school or to attend a school for special-needs kids?

It depends on the severity of Down syndrome. Consult with a Down syndrome specialist.

Children must be in a child restraint seat until they are?

Each state is different but the average is by weight and that is between 60-80 pounds.

How long must you attend school to become a mortician?

Although requirements for a mortician's license vary from state to state, a post-secondary degree is generally necessary to enter field. Most educational programs for morticians culminate in associ... Read More »

What is the age that state of Missouri must provide free public education for you to the level of high school diploma until what age?

It varies by state. To to the BoatU.S. Safefy Foundation free course to determine your state's requirements: