What is the advantage of pollen?

Answer Plants with pollen do not require water for fertilization. Also, pollen can be spread long distances to fertilize other plants.

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What is advantage and dis advantage of camera?

if do you mean the adapter to PC, it's a card with a hole, that you put into the micro sd card, and now you have "SD" card (or "SDHC"), then you can put it into Read More »

What pollen is in georgia?

The state of Georgia has a number of pollen producing trees and plants. Tree pollens include pine, oak, ash and hickory. Grass pollens include ragweed, ryegrass and lemongrass. Common flowers addin... Read More »

What eats pollen?

Though honey bees use nectar to make their honey, they are known to eat pollen as well. Honey bees feed pollen to their larvae, which benefit greatly from the high protein content. Bumblebees als... Read More »

What are pollen allergies?

Allergies occur because the body overreacts to something that does not usually cause people problems. When your body reacts to an allergen certain symptoms occur. Some people have pollen allergies.... Read More »