What is the advantage of pollen?

Answer Plants with pollen do not require water for fertilization. Also, pollen can be spread long distances to fertilize other plants.

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What is advantage and dis advantage of camera?

if do you mean the adapter to PC, it's a card with a hole, that you put into the micro sd card, and now you have "SD" card (or "SDHC"), then you can put it into Read More »

How to Take Bee Pollen?

A new super food is being talked up amongst nutritionists, dieticians and amateur health gurus alike: bee pollen. Thousands of consumers are now taking bee pollen as a daily food supplement because... Read More »

How big is pollen?

Pollen measures be between 2.5 and 200 microns, depending on the plant origin. A micron is measured at .000039 inch. The average size of a pollen grain is 25 microns. Ragweed pollen grains are so s... Read More »

When is oak pollen highest?

Oak pollen is highest during late winter and spring months when the trees are in their pollination process. Pollination season varies by geographic locale and climate. Oak trees typically pollinate... Read More »