What is the advantage of having an ipod?

Answer noting really its just an mp3 player but you can say look at me i have an ipod like almost everyone else

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What is the advantage of having a touch screen vs. buttons?

Touch screens have the potential to do more than you can with a mouse only.

What is an advantage of having a fake Christmas tree?

It is cheaper after a couple of years.It doesn't drop needles all over the floor.You don't have to drive round looking for one and squash it into the car.You don't have to saw it up afterwards to p... Read More »

What Is the Advantage of Having a Fictitious Name for Your Business?

A business owner may choose to operate without an official name separate from his personal name. This is a common decision for a very small service business, like an interior designer or lawn-cutti... Read More »

Advantage and Disadvantage of having high zoom ie. 50X,40X?

Convenience is the only advantage.The disadvantages include poor optical performance, poor image quality, and the need to use a tripod for the longer focal lengths, and/or limiting your photography... Read More »