What is the advantage of an interest-only loan on your house?

Answer An interest-only loan allows you to pay only the interest on the loan without having to pay down the principal balance. These types of loans come with certain advantages such as being affordable.S... Read More »

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How to Avoid Interest on a House Loan?

Timing is everything, and the ability to pay off your mortgage in less time may curb interest rates significantly. Oppositely, longer term mortgages lower the monthly payment and can provide a sens... Read More »

How can I get rid of my private student loan and switch to a federal loan with a lower interest rate?

Call the US Department of Education because sometimes they will buy your loan off and then you can pay them instead. I have a student loan through the Dept. of Ed. and my interest is only 2%. Cal... Read More »

My wife's student loan fm AES is OVER 10% interest: as a single loan, is there any "consolidation" option?

It is possible to consolidate single loans if they have not been consolidated before. If the interest rate is 10%, it sounds like it must be a private student loan (as opposed to federal)? Typicall... Read More »

Should I pay a portion of my student loan bill to take advantage of the lower APR ?

OMG this is so wrong. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. If you read the fine print on all those deals you discover that the rates go up about a gazillion percent after the end date on the deal. That or they... Read More »