What is the advantage of MACRS over straight line depreciation?

Answer MACRS is better because it allows you to take bigger deductions in the early years of the project which is a time value benefit.

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How to Use Straight-Line Depreciation?

The straight-line method of depreciation is commonly used to calculate depreciation costs for financial statement purposes under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the United States... Read More »

Advantages of Straight-line Depreciation?

Straight-line depreciation is a method of accounting where the number of years the item is going to be used for and the re-sale value of the item are predetermined. Using these predetermined amount... Read More »

Reasons for No Salvage Value Using Straight-Line Depreciation?

Depreciation is both the decline in an asset's value and the procedure in accounting used to represent this phenomenon on the accounts. Said procedure deducts a portion of an asset's value in each ... Read More »

How to Calculate Cash Flow & Straight Line Depreciation?

Two common accounting tasks are calculating cash flows and computing depreciation expenses. The statement of cash flows reports a company's uses and sources of cash during a particular period. Each... Read More »