What is the advantage of India being located at the middle of the globe?

Answer It makes the call centers within reach of everyone, regardless of country. In other news, India is not in the middle of the globe...

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What degree is the Prime Meridian located at on the globe?

The Prime Meridian is a line of longitude, which means it runs up and down, or north to south. The Prime Meridian is at 0 degrees. This meridian passes through Greenwich, England, which is where th... Read More »

Where is Jamaica located on the globe?

Jamaica is located in the northern hemisphere. This island nation lies in the Caribbean Sea, just south of Cuba. The island sits at 15 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees west longitude.Source:Ma... Read More »

Where is the Boston Globe located?

"The Boston Globe," founded in 1872, is a respected daily newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in the Dorchester section of the city. It is owned by the New York Times Company.Source:... Read More »

Where is Fiji located on the globe?

The Republic of the Fiji Islands is located in the South Pacific Ocean, west of Australia and north of New Zealand. Its latitude is approximately 18 degrees south and its longitude is about 175 deg... Read More »