What is the address of the alamo?

Answer The address of the Alamo is 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, 78205-2606. The old Spanish mission at the Alamo remains a focal point in Texas history. It's where Gen. Santa Ana's army defeated a... Read More »

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What does"alamo"mean?

The word "alamo" is a Spanish word meaning cottonwood. The Alamo was part of the old mission complex in San Antonio, Texas used as the headquarters of a Spanish cavalry unit in the early 19th centu... Read More »

How big is the Alamo?

The Alamo, which was originally constructed as a Catholic mission to spread Christianity, is 480 feet long and 160 feet wide. During the famous battle there, approximately 200 men took refuge insid... Read More »

What is the Alamo associated with?

The Alamo is a former mission in San Antonio associated with the Texas Revolution. Texan insurgents took control of the Alamo and the surrounding town in December 1835. Mexican General Santa Anna b... Read More »

What does alamo mean?

The name "alamo" most likely refers to an area with cottonwood trees, since "alamo" is Spanish for cottonwood. After the San Antonio de Valero Mission in Texas was abandoned in 1793, Spanish soldie... Read More »