Can my putting a modestly sized addition on my house diminish the value of my neighbor's house assuming it matches the existing house?

Answer Given your categorization of this question, one must assume that you are both members of an association. Associations are run according to governing documents. So long as your addition is added acc... Read More »

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What channel is full house on directv?

I was able to use the code 11314 with my Hisense TV. My Directv remote now controls the volume as well as the on/off power but unfortunately not the tv input.

What was the main cast of Full House?

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen - Michelle TannerCandace Cameron - DJ Tanner (DJ = Donna Joe)Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner)John Stamos (Jesse Katsopolis A.K.A Uncle Jesse)Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone A.... Read More »

What year did full house start?

What are the names of the olsen twins on full house?