If a father dies and wills the family home to his son does his son also inherit the contents of the home or does can it legally be divided among the rest of the siblings?

Answer Very safe for pregnant

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Rest area forked river on Garden state parkway is that northbound or southbound or both?

What is the cost of a rest home?

The average cost of a rest home is $192 per day, or $70,080, a year for a private room. Depending on the area of the country, this figure could be significantly less or more--sometimes up to $561 ... Read More »

How do you change your home videos into dvds (read the rest)plz help if u know!?

I convert home videos to DVDs all of the time!1. I transfer the video tape to PC via FireWire directly from the camcorder, and save the video as a RAW non-compressed AVI file.2. DVDs require an MPE... Read More »

If you order a bottle of wine at a restaurant and don't finish it, is it acceptable to take the rest home?

depends on the laws of the state. in BC canada, it is fine. i don't think it is bad taste,either. hello? you just paid a 200% mark up for a bottle of wine!