What is the address of Dr. King's birth home?

Answer 501 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, GA. Tours are free, but you have to get a ticket from the center up the street.

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What happens to kings in recess when they go to middle school will they still be kings?

Why is hospital birth still the default when home birth has been proven to be safer?

I think it is mostly down to modern day thinking. Most people associate pain = doctor, big pain = hospital. I wanted to birth both my daughters at home and my husband flat out refused it. My main r... Read More »

How to Get an Idaho Birth Certificate for a Home Birth?

When giving birth in an Idaho hospital or birth center, getting the birth certificate for a newborn is taken care of during the hospital stay by the nursing staff. In home births by midwives, the ... Read More »

Which one is safer home birth or natural birth?

I am not a medical professional, but I would always advise natural childbirth at a hospital rather than home delivery. If you have any complications then it is more difficult to treat at home, wher... Read More »