Is a property owner liable to others if there is fire on the owned property and the automatic sprinklers activate and cause water damage to the property of others?

Answer It depends on how the lease is written. You may be liable if the damage was done as a result of actions caused by the landlord, and as such the landlord is responsible for the sprinkler system. How... Read More »

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Does NASCAR use any oil additive?

Oil and fuel additive companies sponsor many drivers, but NASCAR prohibits additive use and penalizes teams found attempting to use additives. Michael Waltrip received a 100-point penalty for using... Read More »

How to Use a Synthetic Oil Additive?

Oil additives and stabilizers claim to provide special enhancements to car performance, such as reduced oil consumption, protection against engine wear, or increased mileage. The veracity of many o... Read More »

How to Use a Fuel Additive?

Fuel additives are generally used to help clean the internal components of your fuel system. Fuel injector cleaner, for example, helps to remove debris that accumulates over time on the fuel inject... Read More »

Ski Wax Hydrocarbon Vs. Low Fluoro Additive?

Though it cannot be seen by the naked eye, ski wax added to the base of a ski works on a molecular level to reduce the friction between the ski and snow. The central idea is to create a water repel... Read More »