What is the actual weight of a 1995 GMC Safari AWD?

Answer The curb weight, which is the actual weight of a vehicle without any passengers or cargo, of a 1995 GMC Safari all-wheel drive is 1,790 kilograms, or 3,946 pounds. The gross vehicle weight rating i... Read More »

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How to Remove the Alternator on a 1995 GMC Safari?

The alternator on a 1995 GMC Safari generates electricity that is used by the electrical systems in the vehicle and charges the battery. When the alternator goes out, the battery and electrical sys... Read More »

How to Replace Ignition Cylinder for a 1995 GMC Safari?

You may decide on replacing the ignition switch cylinder in your GMC Safari van as a security measure, making it so a key other than one that unlocks the doors is needed to start the vehicle. Or, ... Read More »

1995 GMC Safari High Speed Vibration?

The GMC Safari and Chevrolet Astro vans aren't any more inherently prone to vibration issues than any other platform, but may experience it due to some sort of mechanical failure or imbalance. Vibr... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 1995 GMC Safari Cruise Control?

The cruise control on your 1995 GMC Safari allows you to drive at a constant speed on the highway, without having to work the gas pedal. Since the cruise control is controlled by the cruise control... Read More »