What is the actual thickness of a 20-gauge or 30-gauge pool liner?

Answer AnswerGauge is the equivalent of a "mil" which is "thousandths" of an inch.Hence, a 20-gauge pool liner would be 20-mil which is 20 thousandths of an inch or 0.020" = 0.02 inches. A 30-gauge liner ... Read More »

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What is the difference between Mil and Gauge thickness in pool liners?

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How to Convert Millimeter Thickness to Gauge Thickness?

Traditionally, gauge is used to measure the thickness of plastic film or wire, but to better understand gauge, it helps to convert it into a more readily used measuring system such as the metric sy... Read More »

How to Use a Paper Thickness Gauge?

Caliper, the thickness of a single sheet of paper, can be accurately measured down to a thousandth of an inch. Thickness measurements with this level of accuracy form an integral part of the paper ... Read More »

How to Convert Gauge Thickness to Millimeters?

Gauge in metallurgy is a scale to assess the thickness of the sheet metal produced as thin and flat pieces. The U.S. standard gauge scale was developed in 1893 as a way to estimate tax costs for sh... Read More »